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Most gear selling web sites offer a variety of lower-quality products. We sell only the Highest quality Human Growth Hormone, anabolic steroids, fat burners. anti-estrogens and recovery medications. No bullshit or scammy fake products.

Payment info

We accept Bitcoin, Western Union, Money Gram. You can use your credid card trough Paybis. Please visit paybis.com for details.

Tracking Number

We provide tracking number for every order after we make the shipping. Your orders are shipped immediately as soon we collect your payment We give you the track in 48 hours. We always carry live stock

Time of arrival

We ship, just after after collecting your payment.

Regular Postal Shipping : 8-21 days
Express Shipping (EMS) : 8-15 days

Shipping info

We ship our products world wide and all packages are shipped discreet.

- Regular Postal Shipping : $25
- Express Shipping (EMS) : $60
- Free Shipping with regular airmail (will be available for orders above 300 USD only)

Important: We ship to the address you provide us troguh the website. If you wish us to ship to any other address, a PO BOX or anything else, please instruct us to do so. Make a ticket or send an email.

We will not reship if the customer has made any errors in the address information

Reshipping info

We do have a 100% once free of charge reshipping policy: We reships to everyone who do not have their orders within 30 days.

However if you do have a seizure letter, we will ship it soon as you provide a picture of it.

Unfortunately we have no reship policy for Brazil, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Italy and some other higher risk countries. Please accept our apologies.

Customer Service Professional customer support policy. We reply every mail or ticket less than 24 hours. You can send us directly messege form whatsapp.

Minimum order No minimum order required